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Inspire your sales team to achieve.

Strategic Market Access (SMA) are sales and business development experts. We have a proven track record of highly successful engagements with a variety of financial and insurance technology vendors, including Fintech, Regtech along with traditional Financial Services Sales. We consistently deliver positive, quantifiable results across our entire client portfolio.

Innovation is the watchword of the moment and the appetite for smaller, or niche FinTech providers from within all financial institutions has never been greater. Add to this, the technology ground swell that is sweeping over the insurance sector and we are faced with a tantalizing array of new opportunities which were previously unavailable. Time is of the essence and to reap the highly lucrative rewards these new opportunities present, investing now in your overall sales and marketing process is essential. This will enable you to achieve your growth and development goals faster than ever before.

Whilst new technology is the hot topic of the moment, the reality is that closing deals has never been harder. Competition is intense, sales cycles are long and navigating through the procurement process, particularly within the larger organizations, can be daunting. Our team is highly experienced at negotiating and closing commercially advantageous deals. Once we have established the proposition and strategy, SMA have short circuit access to the key decision makers and influencers within the target audiences. This in turn shortens the sales process and provides invaluable insights to the true business requirements.

The SMA comprehensive business creation services span the entire spectrum of the sales process. Underpinned by a team of domain experts in marketing communications and support, providing a seamless, integrated business development service which consistently delivers tangible business results.

The SMA way to fuel business growth

  • Close deals
  • Create proposition
  • Develop strategy
  • Lead generation and marketing
  • Targeted sales campaigns across numerous channels
  • Connect with high-level audience and present the solution
  • Create sales opportunities and nurture them through to negotiation
  • Educate your in-house team throughout the process


  • Combined 100+ years experience
  • We take care of the sales process so you can focus on innovation
  • Utilise SMA’s high level executive network
  • Multilingual capabilities – click here for the range of languages we speak
  • Shorten the sales cycle dramatically, realise revenues faster than ever before
  • Unearth new opportunities which without SMA may never be exposed
  • Negate the need to employ and maintain full time costly sales professionals

Our flexible engagement model means that we can provide a range of cost effective solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements, fuelling new revenue streams overnight. Get in touch to find out what is right for your business.

Common pitfalls

  • Lack of inside knowledge to create attractive and relevant propositions
  • Inexperienced sales team with inadequate knowledge of how to close a deal
  • Long sales cycles, draining funds and often pushing development of at tangents
  • Pressure from investors to realise sales

What our clients say about us

Their reputation in the market is second to none. I will always take time to catch up with guys and see what's happening in the market. CIO, Tier 1 Financial Institution, London

Prior to working with SMA I worked at xxxx. It's fantastic to be surrounded by such great energy and the combined network across the team really makes doing business so much easier. SMA employee

As a small start up it can be a long and treacherous road to closing your first deal, and for us we didn't have the luxury of time. Our investment and trust in SMA really paid off and we will continue to work alongside them as our business grows. CEO, InsurTech Strt-Up, London

Experience + Expertise = Success

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