Meetings Booked ahead of Events

Business Results from Events

Conferences and exhibitions are expensive components of any marketing budget, especially when taking into account the investment in terms of people, time and travelling costs. A successful outcome could feed your business development pipeline for the next 12-18 months whilst an unproductive experience makes a significant dent in precious marketing and sales resources.

Whilst brand positioning is important, meeting the right people and engaging in meaningful conversations should always be the top priority for every event. This means ensuring your sales team’s diaries are fully booked, in advance, with valuable and meaningful engagements. This allows for preparation and resource planning, having the right product experts available for key meetings.

Extensive experience

By partnering with SMA, you tap into our vast industry network and know-how from a broad spectrum of industry events. We have seen what attracts delegates to conferences and how to make a lasting impression.

SMA would work with your sales team to identify target organisations, decision makers and key messages. Appointments would be confirmed prior to the conference taking place. SMA would manage the booking logistics, reminders and calendars. A brief would be provided to the sales team prior to the conference of agreed meetings, topics, spokespersons and background.

Many of our clients have consistently benefited from this highly effective service at some of the world’s leading industry events including, but not limited to;

  • Eurofinance
  • TSAM
  • Money 20/20
  • Future of Fintech
  • EBADay
  • RiskMinds
  • InsurTech Connect
  • InsurTech Rising
  • EXECinsurtech
  • Collateral Management Forum
  • WBR events

In-house event support

This service is equally effective for in-house events by ensuring high attendance from the target segment for a variety of activities, including client conferences, product launches, breakfast briefings and executive dinners.

Post-event follow-up

The service can be extended to include the important post-event follow up and further engagements and qualifications.

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  • High ROI with meetings secured in advance
  • Engagement prior to conference enables better preparations
  • Positioning and qualification at an early stage
  • Improved resource planning
  • Ensure an optimal use of senior managers’ time

What our clients say about us

SMA's reputation in the market is second to none. I will always take time to catch up with the SMA team to learn what's happening in the market. CIO, Tier 1 Financial Institution, London

Flexible commitment and maximum results; SMA were the driving force behind our marketing strategy and execution, highly incentivised by success. Chief Marketing Officer, Insurance Technology Vendor, London

As a FinTech firm we are extremely passionate about innovation and development but sometimes our commercial acumen is naive. By engaging SMA, we were able to focus on what we are at best and let them take care of delivering sales! CEO, FinTech, London

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