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Success comes from an integrated and holistic approach to sales and marketing. SMA work with our clients to ensure messages are consistent and resonate with the audience. We understand what challenges the market is facing. Our experience enables us to position solutions that address the true needs while also differentiating from the competition. Our marketing campaigns drive early engagement where results matter.

SMA can step in to fully manage specific marketing projects, functions, regions or product marketing. Or, if you simply need a pair of extra hands in a busy period, we can ensure you maintain a professional management and execution of planned activities.

Areas include:

  • Demand based marketing
  • Account based marketing
  • Digital Marketing campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Webinars
  • Event management (client conferences, seminars, tradeshows…)
  • Event content / agenda and speaker recruitment, briefings and liaison for client conferences
  • Content production (market surveys, client case studies, articles, brochures, web sites, videos)
  • PR & Communications (see below)
  • Adapting messages to local markets in local languages
  • Advise on CRM and marketing technology tools
  • Database enrichment, structure and cleansing, taking GDPR into account
  • Budgets, plans, evaluations and internal reporting
  • Internal updates to sales and senior management

In a digital world, messages and communication need to be sharp, measured and tailored. Activities need to be matched to the various stages of the buying journey. Data needs to be tracked, analysed and measured.  Importantly, opportunities should have a seamless flow to the inside sales and sales qualification pipeline at the right time. Results matter and SMA is ready to help.

PR & Communications

A close collaboration between marketing and communications delivers aligned and consistent messages across multiple channels. SMA has experience in working with a number of firms of different sizes and budgets that all need to make an impact through powerful communications. SMA can assist with shaping key messages and produce content that underpin the strategy and create engagement.

SMA can manage part of or the whole PR process including:

  • Advise on content: messages, format and how to make an impact
  • Writing press releases, articles and other content
  • Distribution to the market
  • Liaising with external PR firms or other distribution channels
  • Social media
  • Liaise with the media and journalists
  • Linking the media to the overall marketing and sales strategy

Every client is unique. Get in touch to discuss how we can help drive your business forward.


  • Market knowledge delivers messages that resonate
  • A holistic view of sales, marketing & communications delivers results
  • Digital marketing empowers start-up firms
  • Matching activities with the buying journey increases pipeline velocity
  • Consistent and aligned activities and communications builds trust and engagement
  • Flexible access to senior marketing and communications expertise to meet your needs and budget

What our clients say about us

Flexible commitment and maximum results; SMA were the driving force behind our marketing strategy and execution, highly incentivised by success. Chief Marketing Officer, Insurance Technology Vendor, London

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