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SMA provide an outward looking but integrated approach, placing the client’s goals and the target market in the centre of the strategy. Extending our clients’ capabilities, we align and accelerate the marketing and sales efforts to increase our clients’ sales results.

We help firms develop a strategy that underpins the firm’s overall goals. This may include go-to-market strategies, product launches or geographical expansion plans. We also cover messages and client segmentation as well as vision, identity and branding.

The agreed strategy outcome is complemented with an action plan in line with budget requirements. Importantly, we take a hands-on approach where we review lead funnel processes between functions from initial engagement to deal closure.  Our clients turn to us as an independent voice to run internal workshops across functions to receive input, raise awareness and create engagement.  This helps aligning departments behind a new initiative.

We believe in tangible and measurable objectives and can advise on KPI’s that drive desired outcomes. Our team is well placed to help executing the plan; turning ideas into action.

Below are examples of what our strategy services cover:

Go To Market Plans

Go to market plans support entering a new market, a new product launch and importantly also works as a tool for improving sales results within an existing market.

We work with our clients to analyse their core target market; its characteristics, drivers, challenges, opportunities, pipeline, competitive landscape, influencers and accuracy of existing databases. We consider existing success stories that can support key messages. We involve product experts to understand gaps and how these should be addressed.

This background work allows us to create a sales and marketing plan with deliverables and realistic targets.  There will be a clear action plan with priorities. The approach help us to develop powerful and unique messages that resonate with the individual stakeholders.

Segmentation is important where we identify the various buyer personas to enable targeted communication. This is also an opportunity to enrich the CRM system with missing contacts.

Marketing & Communications Plan

We work with our clients to advise on a suitable marketing-mix of activities and deliverables to support the business goals, taking budgets and ROI into consideration. Content is at the heart of the digital marketing strategy.  We can also advise on digital marketing tech tools and tracking.

We interlink our marketing activities with PR and communications. This includes communication messages, channels, style and media to support the various stages of the buying journey.

Vision and Identity

We work with firms to review or re-define their short, medium and long term vision. As firms and the industry evolve, there may be a need to re-visit a firm’s identity, corporate branding and mission statements. Our approach includes hands-on workshops where we engage the various teams to get input and agree a plan forward.


  • Direct access to expertise without tie-ins
  • Bespoke services to meet your exact needs
  • Independent, outward looking view
  • A holistic view of sales, marketing and communications
  • Digital marketing as a spring board to building a strong pipeline
  • Gain international market knowledge without needing local presence

What our clients say about us

Flexible commitment and maximum results; SMA were the driving force behind our marketing strategy and execution, highly incentivised by success. Chief Marketing Officer, Insurance Technology Vendor, London

The financial services landscape is rapidly changing where banks are increasingly looking to drive revenue through the sale of technology. SMA have added extreme value to a business of our size. Their knowledge of the market is a great resource for me to tap into. Sales Director IT, Tier 2 Financial Institution, Holland

As a small start-up it can be a long and treacherous road to closing your first deal, and for us we didn't have the luxury of time. Our investment and trust in SMA really paid off and we will continue to partner with them as our business grows. CEO, InsurTech start-up, London

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