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Energise your business development through accurate and innovative external communications

To be totally effective, sales and marketing functions should operate in complete harmony. In our experience if these teams work in siloes it seriously inhibits one’s ability to achieve ambitious business expansion plans. All sales and business development programmes must be underpinned by a solid, creative marketing strategy that resonates with your target audiences. And in this increasingly competitive environment, timing and speed to market is everything. Ensuring both the sales and marketing teams are totally aligned is crucial for future growth.

Strategic Market Access (SMA) has a pool of skilled marketing communications professionals, each with deep domain expertise gained from working within large multinational financial institutions or financial technology firms. Our knowledge of what, and what doesn’t, resonate within the buying community is invaluable when generating and building new business relationships. Our in-depth understanding of the entire sales cycle from start to finish enables us to precisely tailor and execute unique marketing strategies which are designed to influence the decision-making community, much faster, and more positively, than your competition ever could.

The first step is to conduct a thorough market landscape analysis. Step two is to create a clear picture of the competitive environment opportunities and to identify any special characteristics by institution, asset class or geographical region. Step three is to formulate a strategic marketing plan which makes best use of all the modern communications channels available today. Every programme is designed to help you to maximise the value of all the marketing and business development investments you make.

We don’t just advise. We execute.

Our Flexible Engagement Model is designed to suit your specific requirements and can scale in line with changing business needs. Using our insourced marketing communications service provides many benefits. For example, clients have immediate access to skilled marketing professionals who are effective from day one. It can also eliminate expensive recruitment fees and by making best use of modern technology and communications tools clients can also achieve significant operational cost savings.

Create brand awareness and energise your sales function with SMA:

  • Our knowledge of the sales cycle is essential to create a sound marketing plan
  • Enables your team to focus on innovation and development
  • Access to marketing professionals who would incur significant costs to employ full time
  • Deep domain expertise across EMEA to create relevant and timely messages to different communities

Common pitfalls and problems when creating and executing a marketing strategy

  • Finite amount of marketing expert resources in the financial services and insurance sectors
  • Working with a marketing agency requires huge investment and it can be difficult to quantify the benefits
  • Inaccurate messages or poor timing can be disruptive and destructive
  • Often marketing can be put off for more important in house issues and therefore opportunities are lost
  • Competition is rife and it is essential that your brand is positioned accurately, professionally and visible – too often this is not the case
  • Poorly spent marketing budget can break a business

What our clients say about us

Minimum commitment and maximum results, SMA were the driving force behind our marketing strategy and they really are insensitivisd by success. Chief Marketing officer, InsurTech Vendor, London

The financial services landscape is rapidly changing and even us banks are looking to drive revenue through the sale of technology. SMA have added extreme value to a business of our size, not only that but their knowledge of the market is a great resource for me to tap into. Sales Director IT, Tier 2 Financial Institution, Holland

As a small start up it can be a long and treacherous road to closing your first deal, and for us we didn't have the luxury of time. Our investment and trust in SMA really paid off and we will continue to work alongside them as our business grows. CEO, InsurTech Start-Up, London

Experience + Expertise = Success

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