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Today, everyone is being bombarded by unsolicited emails, constant social media communications or distracting sales phone calls and, irrespective of the actual content mostly they are either deleted immediately or simply ignored. To be effective, sales campaigns need a multi-pronged approach, to a highly targeted audience with relevant messages which resonate.

Everybody working in banks and insurance firms are under extreme pressure, whether it is to cut costs or comply with new regulations and have very little time or patience. Therefore it is essential that every contact counts. Our in-depth understanding and experience of the buying behaviours and decision making processes enables the team to develop unique and effective campaigns which generate genuine leads much faster and more effectively than the generic, scattergun approach many firms typically adopt.

Before embarking on any outreach campaign there are a number of things to consider, the SMA way…

  • Do you have a comprehensive understanding of the potential buyer’s objectives?
  • Who is the right audience within that target group?
  • What is the optimal value proposition for them?
  • What is the right timing for that market?
  • What is the right timing for the solution?
  • Can we identify a compelling event that can assist?
  • What are the anticipated reactions and next steps?

Our flexible engagement models are designed to support your specific business development goals. Collaboration is the key to success and we can work closely with you throughout the whole campaign activity, as part of a larger sales programme or even on a smaller project based engagement.

Why Chose SMA?

  • Combined 100+ years experience
  • US $30M + revenue generated across our client portfolio
  • Multilingual capabilities – click here for the range of languages we speak
  • Entire team drawn from professional financial services and technology community
  • Refreshing, energetic and innovative approach

Common pitfalls with sales campaigns

  • Generic messages which don’t position you as thought leaders
  • Lack of knowledge of the buyers businesses drivers
  • One dimensional approach
  • Poor quality follow up
  • Poor timing resulting in low impact

What our clients say about us

As a small start up it can be a long and treacherous road to closing your first deal, and for us we didn't have the luxury of time. Our investment and trust in SMA really paid off and we will continue to work alongside them as our business grows. CEO, InsurTech Start-Up, London

My in house sales team are great but the energy and genuine inside know how that SMA bring to the table is a massive boost and really enabled us to accelerate our growth. CEO, Established FinTech, London

Whilst we have experienced sales executives in-house, the team at SMA really changed the game for us. Doors which had been firmly closed were opened and high-level relationships generated, their knowledge of closing deals is second to none. Sales Director, Medium sized FinTech firm, Switzerland

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