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Energise your business. Revitalise sales. Boost the bottom line

Let’s be honest, doing business in financial services has never been harder. The stakes are high and there is immense pressure to control costs, create new revenue streams and compete with a myriad of new competitors. But despite this there is a perfect storm brewing. Banking executives are drowning under a deluge of regulation and at the same time are striving to innovate. The resulting by-product is a growing, fertile ground bearing many fruits for the technology providers. However, the growth of opportunities is matched by increasing barriers to entry and making a sale is getting tougher by the day. Nowadays its not just about who you know, it’s about what you know, your experience, your reputation and ability to positively connect with the decision makers. Enter Strategic Market Access (SMA).

Time and time again we have exceeded our clients commercial goals, turning aspirations into reality. By making a significant and tangible contribution to the bottom line we fuel business development and empower our clients to realise their goals much quicker than ever before.

“We work with our clients to understand their strategy and objectives and then, with our combined pool of expert resources, we are able to invigorate your business development and inevitably drive up revenues.”

The core of our business model is expertise and execution.

Senior sales management coupled with in-depth financial market knowledge and a wealth of experience sets us apart. Add to this, our wide-ranging C-Level network of contacts and language skills, and you have a solid foundation for accelerated success.

SMA can be engaged on a number of levels:


Flexible Engagement Model

Our Flexible Engagement Model eliminates the costs of hiring, employment or office use and allows you to work with us at what we level you feel necessary. Expand your business overseas, overnight with SMA.